Rainbow Lorikeet

Trichoglossus haematodusRainbow Lorikeets

Description: These birds are a medium sized parrot and full grown adults are around 9-12 inches with a wingspan of around 12-14 inches. Rainbow Lorikeets get they’re name from they’re bright multi-colored feathers. Their heads are blue with a yellow to green half ring around the back of the neck. Their back and the tops of their wings are green with the underside of the wings being a reddish orange color. The chest is deep orange to yellow and their belly is a deep blue color.

Range: Eastern coastlands of Australia and other Pacific islands such as Tasmania, Indonesia, Papuan New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu

Habitat: Rainforests costal woodlands

Zoo: Fruits such as apples and grapes, nectar, and pelleted lorikeet diet
Wild: Fruits, pollen, and nectar

Reproduction: Breeding occurs in September-December and they will build nests in tree hollows or on rock overhangs. A female Rainbow Lorikeet will lay 1-3 eggs and she will then sit on the nest incubating the eggs for about 25 days.