Yacare Caiman

Caiman yacare

yacare caiman

Description: These caimans can reach lengths of 8-9ft. The common name ‘Piranha caiman’ is derived from its more visible display of teeth, an unusual characteristic hereby certain large teeth in the lower jaw may protrude through the top surface of the upper jaw.

Range: Found in central South America, including northeastern Argentina, Uruguay, eastern Bolivia, central/southwest Brazil, and the rivers of Paraguay.

Habitat: Wetlands, rivers, and lakes. Often associated with floating mats of vegetation.

Wild: Mainly fish and birds with the occasional capybara being taken by larger adults.
Zoo: Rodents and chicken

Reproduction: Females construct a mound nest which 21-38 eggs usually laid. Peak egg laying occurs during the middle of the rainy season. Females guard the nest during incubation, but this has been shown to be influenced by the effects of hunting pressure – females in areas of increased hunting pressure are more wary and tend to abandon the nest once eggs are laid. Hatching occurs in March.