Black Edge Moray Eel

Gymnothorax saxicolablack edge moray eel

Description: These eels are brown in color with golden spots covering the body and a golden underside. Their tail and dorsal side are trimmed with black which is the source of their common name. Adult eels will reach 2-3½ feet in length.

Range: Caribbean Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico

Habitat: Sea grass beds with rocks and crevices at depths of up to 60 ft.

Wild: Fish and crustaceans such as crabs and shrimp
Zoo: Fish

Reproduction: Eels will migrate and gather to spawn in late fall to early spring. Females lay eggs which disperse amongst the plankton. The eggs hatch after a few days and the thin ghost-like larvae may spend several months swimming among and dining on the plankton before the settle near the ocean floor and take on the appearance of the adults.