American Toad

Anaxyrus americanusAmerican Toad - Anaxyrus americanus

Range: East of the Great Plains and north of the Gulf of Mexico, the northern limit is Quebec and Ontario

Description: American Toads reach lengths of 2-3.5inches and are covered with brown to tan bumpy skin, which is dotted with white and black splotches on the back. The belly is white with ray and black flecks, especially on the throat. Males have a single, round vocal sac.

Habitat: Found in bogs and coniferous forests and throughout wooded areas and praries

Wild: Insects, worms, and even small snakes
Zoo: crickets

Reproduction: Females lay 4,000 to 20,000 eggs, which hatch in two to eight days depending on the water temperature

Fun Fact: American Toads defend themselves from predators by inflating their bodies to look larger and prevent from being swallowed.

Status: Least Concern