Bumble Bee Poison Dart Frog

Dendrobates leucomelasBumble Bee Poison Dart Frog

Description: Able to grow up to 5 cm in length, this is the largest poison dart frog. These frogs are bright yellow with black stripes and spots of varying size all over the body. Some may be orange rather than yellow.

Range: Found in the northern part of South America, in Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil and the extreme eastern most part of Colombia.

Habitat: Tropical rain forests, near sources of fresh water. These frogs will often congregate on flat rocks, trees, and the leaf litter on the forest floor.

Reproduction: The male will make various calls and noises to attract the female’s attention. After mating, the female will lay her eggs, 2-12 per clutch, in a calm body of water, where they will later hatch as tadpoles.

Wild: These frogs feed primarily on insects such as ants, flies, spiders, and caterpillars.
Zoo: Crickets and fruit flies

Fun Fact: The Bumblebee Poison Dart Frog is the only poison dart frog known to spend the dry season in a state of dormancy, similar to hibernation.