European Green Toad

Bufo viridis European Green Toad

Description: The spots on their backs are usually anything from green to dark brown and sometimes red spots appear, too. Most toads have white or very lightly colored stomachs.

Range: Mainland Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa.

Habitat: They live in many areas, including steppes, mountainous areas, semi-deserts, and urban areas.

Reproduction: Although the adults spend most of their time on land the females enter ponds and other still waters to lay their eggs, toad spawn, which can be distinguished from the spawn of the common frog as it forms strings rather than a large mass of eggs. Eggs are laid in the spring, with the females attempting to return to the water in which they were born. The young tadpoles resemble other tadpoles in their appearance except that tadpoles have a larger, rounder blacker head and shorter tail.

Wild: The toads eat a variety of insects and invertebrates, mainly crickets, meal worms, small butterflies, earthworms, moths, beetles and caterpillars.
Zoo: Crickets

Fun Fact: European green toads will change their color in response to heat and light changes, but to a greater degree than others.