Red-Legged Walking Frog

Kassina maculatared leg walking frog

Description: The dorsal side is grey with large black oval spots, while the ventral side is white and partially mottled. The characteristic red for which these animals are so aptly named is only visible when the animal is in motion, normally being hidden in the hip, armpit, and groin areas.

Range: Eastern Africa from Kenya to South Africa.

Habitat: Grassland, scrubland, or forest. These animals prefer to live in close proximity to a permanent body of water. 

Wild: Insectivores.
Zoo: Crickets

Fun Fact: The red colors of the Red Legged Walking Frog are normally hidden while the animal is sitting still. However, once the animal starts to move those bright red colors become visible, especially around the armpits and hip. This serves as a potential distraction to predators, which may become startled and confused by the sudden display of bright colors, hopefully giving the frog ample time to escape.