Vietnamese Black-Webbed Gliding Frog

Vietnamese Black-Webbed Gliding Frog -  Rhacophorus kio

Photo © Andrew Clark 2013

Rhacophorus kio

Description: a large green gliding frog with extensive white-edged black foot webbing and yellow flanks with one large black spot on either side behind the arm.

Range: mainland Southeast Asia, including parts of Laos, Thailand, southern China, Cambodia and Vietnam. Possibly Myanmar and northeast India. Formerly confused with two similar species which are restricted to Java, Borneo, and southern mainland Thailand and Malaysia.

Habitat: not described. Apparently tropical or subtropical moist forest, where the ground is level enough for pools to form.

Wild: probably an array of small invertebrates consisting mostly of arthropods (insects, spiders, isopods, etc), and likely to also include smaller lizards, frogs, rodents, and other vertebrates.
Zoo: primarily domestic crickets.

Reproduction: little reported apart from males calling from tree branches several meters above water pooled on the forest floor. Breeds April to August, depending on location.

Fun fact: Gliding frogs are named for their ability to ‘parachute’ from high perches, by extending their arms and legs and their fully-webbed feet and hands, and being able to steer themselves to a safe landing below.