Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Theloderma corticale Vietnamese Mossy Frog - Theloderma corticale

Range: Northern Vietnam and extending slightly into China

Description: These frogs are a mottled green and brown color. Their skin is covered with bumps and spikes which gives them the appearance of moss. The fact that they are so well camouflaged allows them to rest during the day out in the open without being spotted by predators. They have large toe pads on their feet which they use to help them stick to just about any surface. Adults are generally between 2.5- 3.5 inches with the females being slightly larger than the males.

Habitat: Subtropical to tropical forests and marshlands.

Wild: Small insects such as crickets, flies, cockroaches, worms, and moths
Zoo: Crickets

Reproduction: Females lay 10-30 eggs on rocks or plants overhanging water and when the tadpoles hatch they fall into the water. Metamorphosis from tadpole into frog takes between 5-8 months for this species.