White’s Treefrog

Litoria caerulea

Description:  Color ranges from dark olive to light green. The belly is pasty white with a granular type texture. There is a fold of skin that runs ffrom the golden colored eyes to the anterior dorsal end of the front arm. Maximum length is usually around 4 inches.

Range: Northern Territory of Australia and southern New Guinea.

Habitat: White’s Tree Frogs usually inhabit edges of streams and ponds. They have also become a sort of urbanized animal. They are commonly found near shower drains, toilet bowls, and outside light fixtures.

Wild: insects, worms, spiders, and other arthropods
Zoo: earthworms and crickets

Reproduction: Females lay anywhere from 200-2,000 eggs. Development is quick with juveniles and often requires only six weeks to reach adulthood.

Fun Fact: Coloration can change fairly quickly in response to mood or changes in temperature, usually only requiring an hour to alter pigmentation.