Wood Frog

Rana sylvatica

Range: Northeast and central United States from Georgia to Canada and west to Alaska

Description: 2 – 2.75inches long, the wood frogs is a small, brown amphibian with a distinct black facemask and varying dark spots and lateral lines on the sides.

Habitat: Found in moist forests both deciduous and coniferous, in prairie areas and in marshes, vernal pools, or small ponds.

Wild: Insects
Zoo: Crickets

Reproduction: Males call both day and night. Females lay masses of 500-800 eggs, which they attach to vegetation or leave free floating on the waters’ surface. Fifty to one hundred egg masses are usually clustered at one end of the pond.

Fun Fact: Wood Frogs are found farther north than any other frog species in the Western Hemisphere and during the winter they literally freeze and then thaw in spring.

Status: Least Concern