Black Spiny-Tailed Iguana

Ctenosaura similisblack spiny tailed iguana

Description: These iguanas get their common name from the keeled scales resembling spines that cover their long tails. Adult males can grow up to 5ft in length but females stay smaller generally on reaching lengths of 3ft. Coloration and pattern is highly variable but adults typically have a light grey to tan body coloration with 4-12 black bands across their back and sides.

Range: Mexico and Central America introduced in to Florida

Habitat: Black Spiny-tailed iguanas prefer a rocky habitat with places for basking, crevices to hide in, and with nearby trees to climb.

Wild: Adults are mainly herbivorous eating different kinds of fruit and other plant matter. Occasionally they will eat eggs, small animals, and insects. Juveniles feed almost exclusively on insects and transition into a herbivorous diet as adults.
Zoo: Pellets, lettuce, and other greens.

Reproduction: Mating takes place in spring and the males will show territorial dominance by head bobbing. Females dig a nest and lay up to 30 eggs. After 90 days the green-brown hatchlings will emerge digging their way out of the nest.

Fun Fact: The black spiny-tailed iguana is the fastest lizard on earth and has been recorded running at speeds of up to 30 mph.