Blue Tounged Skink

Tiliqua gigasblue tongue skink

Description: Blue Tongued Skinks are some of the largest members of the skin family, growing to 40 cm in total length. They have particularly heavyset bodies, especially when contrasted with their short, stubby legs. The name comes from the incredible blue coloration of their tongues which they use to startle and distract potential predators.

Range: Mainland Australia, although a few subspecies live on a few islands in Indonesia

Reproduction: All Blue Tongued Skinks are viviparous which means they give birth to live young rather than laying eggs. The number born in the litter varies dramatically amongst sub-species.

Wild: Insects, snails, fruits, berries, and flowers
Zoo: Crickets and salads usually of lettuce, carrots, and bananas

Fun Fact: Although bright colors in the wild usually indicate toxins or danger, the Blue Tongued Skink is a safe and fairly docile animal and is common in the reptile pet trade.