Desert Spiny Lizard

Sceloporus magister

Description: A 3-6 inch stout-bodied lizard with a light body coloration and a black colored triangle shaped marking on the side of the neck above the shoulder. Male Spiny lizards will often have bluish purple patches on their throat and belly. These lizards have large pointed scales that give them a spiny look which is where they get their common name.

Range: Southern Nevada and Utah down through California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Northwestern Mexico.

Habiat: Arid deserts and plains

Wild: Insects and occasionally small lizards and some plant matter.
Zoo: Crickets and other insects

Reproduction: Breeding takes place in spring and summer after which the females will lay a clutch of 4-14 eggs. Females can lay more than 1 clutch of eggs during a single breeding season.