Green Basilisk

Basilisous plumifronsGreen basilisk

Description: Green Basilisks can attain total lengths of up to 32 inches, with an average SVL (snout to vent length) of approximately 9.6 inches. Males sport crests on the head, back, and tail.

Range: Found in Central and South America.

Habitat: Dwell along riverbanks and other water basins that provide sun exposure. Tend to keep to the lowlands.

Wild: Fish, frogs, small lizards and birds, also shrimp, ants, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, and crayfish. Vegetable matter includes seeds, fruits, berries, and leaves.
Zoo: Crickets and worms

Reproduction: Average clutch size is 12 eggs and takes an average of 65 days to hatch.