Mali Uromastyx

Uromastyx maliensis

Range: Mali and southwestern Algeria

Description: Measuring between 10in-12in without the length of the tail, the Uromastyx is a large lizard with a round belly and tough, bumpy skin. The tail is thinner at the base, widens in the middle and comes to a point at the end. It is covered in spikey scales; this is why they are commonly called the spiny tailed lizard. Coloration varies but is usually a dark black color densely spotted with yellow on the back.

Habitat: Dry desert and scrublands where they dig deep burrows and hide in rock outcroppings

Wild: Vegetation and occasionally insects
Zoo: Crickets, fruit, leafy greens, vegetables

Reproduction: Females lay clutches of up to 4-20 eggs which hatch 80-90 days after laying

Fun Fact: When threatened, the Uromastyx will dive head first into its burrow leaving only its spiny tail for defense against its attacker!