Mountain Horned Lizard

Acanthosaura capraMountain Horned Lizard

Description: The Mountain Horned Lizard is a medium-sized lizard, reaching 12–15 inches in total length. Their colors are variable shades of brown. They also have a large throat pouch which has streaks of rust and yellow when extended. These lizards get their name from the single row spikes or horns on the back of their head and neck

Range: Southeast Asia, including Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China.

Habitat: The Mountain Horned Lizard is an arboreal species. Its dark brown colored skin provides perfect camouflage for it to hide amongst the bark.

Wild: All types of insects and occasionally fish.
Zoo: Crickets

Reproduction: Mating occurs in the spring and females will lay eggs about 4 months afterwards. Females can lay up to 4 clutches of eggs during a single season and each clutch contains about 10–12 eggs.