Saharan Uromastyx

Uromastyx geyriSaharan Uromastyx - Uromastyx geyri

Range: The range of the Saharan Uromastyx covers nearly all of the Saharan Desert across northern Africa.

Description: Uromastyx are often called Spiny Tailed Lizards because of their hard and spiny tails. They commonly grow between 11-14 inches. The body is usually plump and flat, with a large head and strong limbs. These lizards can vary in color from a bright red to bright yellow with lighter speckles and patterning.

Habitat: Uromastyx live in the deserts and prefer hot, dry, arid climates. They may be seen basking on rocks with surface temperatures exceeding 120° F. When threatened, they escape into burrows or underground tunnels which can stretch for over 10 feet.

Wild: Primarily herbivorous, although juveniles tend to be more omnivorous, feeding on crickets and other small insects.
Zoo: Lettuce and other greens, pelleted diet, and crickets

Reproduction: Saharan Uromastyx will breed in the spring and after about 4-6 weeks of mating females will lay a clutch of usually between 8-20 eggs which they will bury to protect them.

Fun Fact: The name Uromastyx comes from the Ancient Greek prefix ‘oura,’ meaning tail and ‘mastigo,’ meaning whip.