Peninsula Newt

Notophthalmus viridescens piaropicolaPeninsula Newt

Description: The peninsula newt can reach a total length of 4 in. The dorsal part of the newt is dark olive, olive-brown or nearly black, with small black spots usually present.  It is one of the four races of red spotted newts but ironically it has no red spots. The ventral side of the newt is dark olive-yellow heavily peppered with fine black dots.

Range: Southern four fifths of Florida.

Habitat: They are found in canals, lakes, ponds and drainage ditches.

Wild: They typically feed on small crustaceans, fish and amphibian eggs, and insect larvae.
Zoo: small worms

Reproduction: They are oviparous laying 50-150 eggs individually on aquatic stems and leaves. Aquatic larvae are dark dorsally peppered with dark spots dorsally and laterally, and are pinkish white ventrally.