Southern Dwarf Siren

Pseudobranchus axanthusSouthern Dwarf Siren

Description: This is a tiny, slender salamander that can reach lengths of 9 in. with bushy gills and small, three-toed forelegs. Coloration is generally brown, black, or gray, with yellow or tan stripes on the on the back and sides.

Range: Can be found in the northern two thirds of eastern Florida.

Habitat: Is mainly found in ponds, ditches, swamps and marshes.

Wild: Southern dwarf sirens eat a variety of food items, including small worms, chironomids, amphipods, and ostracods.
Zoo: Adult Daphnia magna, whiteworms, blackworms, and tubifex worms are readily taken.

Reproduction: They are oviparous (egg-laying) and eggs are usually found attached individually to aquatic plants.