Tiger Salamander

Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum

Range: Found throughout the Midwest (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois etc) and southeast coast (West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, Northern Florida etc) also in Eastern Texas.

Description: One of the world’s largest land salamanders, it reaches lengths of 7in-8.5in with a recorded maximum length of 13in. It has a dark brown to grayish black background coloration spotted with irregular brown to yellow blotches or vertical streaks. Tiger Salamanders are recognizable by their large mouths and relatively small eyes set on the far front of the head.

Habitat: Adults are found in deciduous forests, conifer forests and woodlands, open fields and brush areas alpine and subalpine meadows, grasslands, semideserts and deserts.

Wild: Invertebrates
Zoo: Crickets and earthworms

Reproduction: The number of eggs in a particular clutch varies on the salamander’s geography but tends to range from 23-165 eggs. Incubation periods also vary by region and habitat conditions and can be anywhere from 19-50 days.