African Rock Python

Python sebaeAfrican Rock Python - Python sebae

Description: This is a very large snake reaching lengths of 18-23ft. They are colored with brown blotches outlined by black on tan background.

Range: South of Sahara to central southern Africa

Habitat: Grasslands, savanna, near water, occasionally forest edges

Reproduction: During the summer months the female lays between 20 and 60 eggs in a termite mound or aardvark burrow. Large pythons can lay as many as 100 eggs. The female remains with her eggs for the 2 – 3 month incubation period. During this period she will not feed but will leave on occasion to drink. After the eggs hatch, the female remains with the hatchlings for a further 2 weeks and once the young have shed their first skin they then leave the security of the female to go off on their own.

Diet: Small rodents, young mammals, birds, young antelopes, warthogs, dogs, monkeys, water fowl, goats & crocodiles 

Fun Fact: This is the largest snake species in Africa! It can reach lengths of up to 23ft, and some reports have listed them as reaching 28ft long, however, the sources of the reports are questionable.