Centralian Carpet Python

Morelia bredliCentral Carpet Python

Description: The Centralian Carpet Python has a rich red base color with sequenced beige, cream, or yellow spots. On some individuals, these spots connect to form lines or stripes. Adults typically reach a length of between 5-8 feet. These snakes have a well-defined head with a row of heat pits above their mouth which they can use to find warm blooded prey in the dark.

Range: Central Australia

Habitat: Arid scrubland often found in trees or rocky outcrops.

Wild: Rodents and small birds.
Zoo: Rodents

Reproduction: Breeding takes place in spring and early summer. Like all pythons, females will lay eggs and then wrap their bodies around them and incubate the eggs by shivering. Typically females will lay 20-30 eggs which hatch about 2 months later.