Eastern Garter Snake

Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalisEastern Garter Snake

Description: Although the occasional animal may be found around 4 feet, Eastern Garter Snakes typically remain in a confined range of 1½-2 feet. The Eastern is the only type of Garter Snake with its lateral stripes confined to the second and third scale rows. Even so, both coloration and pattern is extremely variable. Base color of black, dark brown, green, or even bluish dorsally, green or yellow ventrally, and patterns ranging from completely spotted, completely striped, alternating spots in between stripes, spots dissecting stripes, or completely melanistic (entirely black animal).

Range: Southern Canada north of the Great Lakes south to the Gulf of Mexico and west as far as Minnesota and Texas.

Habitat: Wide variety of habitats including, but not limited to meadows, marshes, woodlands, hillsides, streams, and urbanized areas.

Wild: Frogs, fish, lizards, and small mammals
Zoo: Minnows

Reproduction: Give birth to live young, usually close to ½ foot long each.