Eastern Hognose Snake

Heterodon platirhinoseastern hognose snake

Description: The Eastern Hognose Snake is a medium sized, stout bodied snake usually gray, yellow-brown, or olive-brown. They have two dark spots along the base of their neck and may have a blotched pattern of black spots running down their back.

Range: Eastern Hognose Snakes range across the eastern U.S. to southern New Hampshire and Florida and west to Texas. In Minnesota, they range from the states eastern side to the center of the state.

Habitat: River floodplains, woodlands, grasslands, and old fields.

Reproduction: The eastern hognose snake mates in the spring. Females deposit 15 to 25 eggs in a depression under rocks or logs or in sandy soil. Eggs deposited in June or July hatch in August and September.

Diet: Mainly toads, salamanders, various frogs, skinks, small mammals, birds, and arthropods 

Fun Fact: The Eastern Hognose Snake has a hood similar to a King Cobra’s hood.