Jungle Carpet Python

Morelia spilota cheyneiJungle Carpet Python - Morelia spilota cheynei

Range: They are found in the northeastern portion of Australia in the Queensland area.

Description: These pythons are 5 to 7 feet in length and they are a medium sized python with a base color of yellow and black bands. They are sometimes called diamond pythons as well and as they mature the colors become more vibrant.

Habitat: Adaptive, may live in humid rainforests to dry semi-deserts. Are commonly found in mammal burrows, rock piles and trees as they are not really arboreal but may occasionally be found in a tree

Wild: They will feed on a variety of rodents and birds.
Zoo: Rodents

Reproduction: Females lay 8-28 eggs in a clutch that hatch after an incubation period of about 40 day.

Fun Fact: Carpet Pythons got their name because they are said to resemble old fashion carpet patterns.