Red-Bellied Snake

Storeria occipitomaculataRed-Bellied Snake - Storeria occipitomaculata

Description:  As the name suggests, the Red- bellied Snake has a crimson under-belly.  Its base color ranges from gray, brown, and reddish brown to black.  Along its back run 4 dark stripes.

Range:  This snake ranges from southern Canada and Maine south to northern Florida and west to eastern North Dakota and Texas.  In Minnesota the snake can be found state-wide.

Habitat:  Woodlands and grassy meadows.

Diet: Wild:  Small soft bodied animals like slugs and earthworms.  Zoo:  worms and crickets

Fun Fact:  Red-bellied Snakes can twist their mouth into a “grin” by flattening their head and curling their upper lip to expose their teeth.