Rosy Boa

Lichanura trivirgataRosy Boa - Lichanura trivirgata

Description: Usually no more than 3 feet long, although a few specimens have been reported at almost 4 feet. Given their stunted length, they are still a proportionally heavy bodied Boa. The tail is blunt and the head is usually no wider than the neck. Three stripes extend lengthwise down the body, usually red, orange, or tan, although in this subspecies, the stripes are black. The scales in between the colored stripes are grey or cream.

Range: Southeastern California east to Arizona and south into northwestern Mexico.

Habitat: Arid scrublands, rocky deserts, and canyons.

Wild: Rodents, small birds, snakes, lizards and amphibians.
Zoo: Rodents

Reproduction: Rosy Boas, like all other Boas, give birth to live young.

Fun Fact: Males have small spurs on each side of the vent – remnants of the hind legs that snakes lost to evolution millions of years ago.