Crotalus cerastesSidewinder - Crotalus cerastes

Range: Southwestern United States from southern Nevada and Utah down into southern California and Arizona and down into northwestern Mexico.

Description: Sidewinders stay relatively small with adults only reaching about 2½ feet in total length. These snakes have a light earthy body coloration with darker blotches along their backs. Sidewinders like other rattle snakes have a rattle at the end of their tail which they use to warn potential predators to stay away. These snakes also have keeled scales which rather than being flat like most snake scales have a small ridge running down the middle of each scale.

Habitat: Dry sandy deserts with minimal vegetation.

Wild: Lizards and rodents
Zoo: Rodents

Reproduction: Females give birth to between 5 and 18 live young in late summer and early fall. The mothers will stay with the young in a burrow for about the first week to guard and protect them from predators.

Fun Fact: Sidewinders get their name from the strange form of locomotion that they use. They slither sideways pushing their body against the loose sand to help give them some traction.