Sri Lankan Palm Viper

Trimeresurus  trigonocephalus

Sri Lankan Palm Viper - Trimeresurus trigonocephalus

Description: These snakes grow to a maximum size of around 2ft with the females being larger than the males.  Their heads are broad and triangle shaped with heat sensing pits on either side of their face which they use to find prey. Sri Lankan Palm Vipers have light green body coloration with black patterning throughout the body.

Range: This species is only found in Sri Lanka, an island of the southern tip of India.

Habitat: Wet grasslands and rainforests and often found in cocoa and coffee plantations.

Wild: Small mammals, birds, frogs, and lizards
Zoo: Rodents

Reproduction: Sri Lankan Palm Vipers are viviparous which means that they give birth to live young. Females give birth to between 5-25 live young.