Sunbeam Snake

Xenopeltis unicolorSunbeam Snake - Xenopeltis unicolor

Description: Adults average three feet in length. They have a wedge-shaped head to assist with burrowing. Hatchlings are similar to adults other than a white ring of scales around the neck. This fades with age.

Range: China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Habitat: This is a fossorial or burrowing snake, spending much of its time below ground. They are found in open areas like forest clearings and rice paddies.

Wild: Frogs, reptiles including other snakes, and small mammals.
Zoo: Rodents.

Reproduction: This snake is oviparous or egg-laying, producing clutches of up to ten eggs.

Behavior: This snake uses constriction to overcome its prey. If threatened they may vibrate its tail in a fashion similar to a rattlesnake.

Fun Fact: This snakes name comes from its beautiful iridescence. Light reflects off their shiny scales like a rainbow.