Woma Python

Aspidites ramsayiWoma Python - Aspidites ramsayi

Description: Light cream to olive body with dark irregular bands covering the length of the body. The head is orange to golden yellow often with dark patches above their eyes. Unlike all other pythons members of this genus lack heat sensing pits on their face. Adult Woma Pythons can reach 5-6 feet in length.

Range: These snakes are found across much of the central inland areas of Australia with an isolated population found in south west Australia.

Habitat: Often found in arid scrublands and sand plains.

Zoo: Rodents
Wild: Woma Pythons often prefer to eat lizards but they will also eat small mammals and birds that they can catch.

Reproduction: Mating takes place between May and August and females will lay a clutch of 5-20 eggs between September and October. The females will stay coiled around the eggs until they hatch 2-3 months later.