Elongated Tortoise

Indotestudo elongataelongated tortoise

Description: The ground color of the shell is caramel colored to dark yellowish brown, with blotches of black on each scute, and a very smooth shell. Large scales cover the anterior parts of the front legs, while the hind legs lack this protection. The soft parts of this species are gray to yellow. The head is yellow /tan except in breeding season where both sexes take on a pinkish coloration around the eyes.

Range: Asia; from Nepal to Malaysia.

Habitat: This is primarily a damp forest species though it can be found in dry areas as well.

Reproduction: In courtship, the male engages in ramming behavior as well as vigorous biting about the head, neck and front legs of the female. The male loudly vocalizes during mating, emitting a harsh, raspy sound while exhaling. After breeding, the female will lay 2-4 eggs in a dugout nest in the ground.

Diet: An omnivorous diet consisting of fruits, leafy greens, worms, slugs and carrion if available.

Fun Fact: During the breeding season, both males and females develop a bright pink tint around the eyes and nostrils.