Malayan Box Turtle

Cuora amboinensis

Description: Generally around 8 inches long, the Malayan box turtle is characterized by a high-arched shell that is dark olive to black in color. Shells are yellow to light brown underneath with black spots on the side. Three black-bordered yellow stripes run from the neck to the snout on each side of the head.

Range: Bangladesh south through Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and Malayan Peninsula

Habitat: Lowland water bodies with soft bottoms and slow currents such as marshes, swamps, ponds, pools and man made flooded rice paddies

Wild: vegetation
Zoo: pelleted diet, crickets, and vegetables

Reproduction: Three to four clutches of two eggs are laid between April and the end of June

Fun Fact: The bottom shells of box turtles are hinged so that if threatened, they can pull into their shells and close up, just like a box!