Pancake Tortoise

Malacochersus tornieri

Range: Southern Kenya down into northern Tanzania.

Description: Pancake tortoises get their name from their highly flattened shell. Unlike most tortoises which have a high rounded dome-like shell pancake tortoises have a very compressed shell much like shells of streamlined river turtles. These tortoises’ flat flexible shell allows them to crawl in to rock crevices to escape the hot sun or predators.

Habitat: Rocky hills and rocky outcroppings in the dry savanna and scrubland

Wild: Grasses and fruits
Lettuce, fruit, and pelleted tortoise diet.

Reproduction: Tortoises breed in January and February and lay one or two clutches of up to 4 eggs in June-August. Depending on temperature and conditions incubation can take anywhere from 110-230 days. Baby pancake tortoises are about 1½ inches long.