Spot-legged Wood Turtle

Rhinoclemmys punctularia

Description: This turtle can reach a total length of 10 in. It is a dark, aquatic turtle with black spotted forelimbs. The plastron is red brown to black with a yellow border and seams. The carapace is medially keeled, posterior serrated and notched.

Range: This turtle ranges from eastern Colombia, and Orinoco drainage of Venezuela, and Trinidad Island eastward through the Guiana’s of Northeastern Brazil.

Habitat: It inhabits almost all of the fresh water bodies within it range, from ponds, marshes, and coastal swamps to large rivers in savannah areas to deep forests.

Diet: This turtle is omnivorous and can eat in and out of the water. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, dandelions, and many other plants are eaten. Earthworms, insects, mollusks, and carrion comprises the carnivorous portion of their diet.

Reproduction: These turtles can reproduce throughout the year, laying several clutches of one to two elongated, white, brittle-shelled eggs under tree roots or vegetation.

Fun Fact: When scared the turtle can hide in its shell and look like a piece of wood to hide from predators.