Zoo To You Birthday Party

Get to hold a Burmese Python!If you would like the convenience of having us bring the animals to you we offer several birthday program packages lasting 45 to 60 minutes and including  10 to 12 animals including amphibians, turtles, lizards, snakes, and the option of an alligator.

    • The Standard Birthday presentation is $145.00 and includes amphibians, turtles, lizards, small snakes, and a 6 foot boa constrictor. Presentations are for groups of up to 10 kids and lasts for 45 minutes. There is an additional mileage charge of 50 cents per mile over 100 miles round trip from Owatonna, MN. There is also an additional $15 charge for Saturday bookings.
    • The Deluxe Gator Party presentation includes the same animals as above but also includes one of small alligators and instead of a 6 foot boa, you will get a 7 foot or longer boa or python.  You can take a groups picture with the kids holding the large snake.  This program is $185 for up to 20 kids.  There is an additional $15 charge for Saturday bookings. Mileage charges may also apply.
    • The Premium Party presentation includes a dozen animals.  Included in the animals is a Red-eyed Treefrog, a 7 foot or longer boa or python, and the alligator.  This party also includes an extra fifteen minutes for each of the children to hold the large snake while you take their picture and a family picture holding the snake or the alligator. Unlimited guests. This program is $225 with and additional $15 for Saturdays. Mileage charges may apply.

Do you live in the Twin Cities and don’t want the reptiles at your house?

         Kiddywampus in Hopkins now offers a RAD Zoo party package option.

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What’s included: Kiddywampus has themed birthday parties that are fully staffed from the moment you pull your car up to the store to the time you drive away at the end. They help you unload and setup, run the entire party including projects & activities, help serve the food you bring, pack it all up at the end and make sure you’re able to enjoy the event!

Times: 10:30-Noon, 1:00-2:30, 3:30-5:00 on Saturdays & Sundays; weekdays possible upon request

Cost: $329 for 10 kids (plus the birthday child)

Party Length: 90 minutes

Contact the Kiddywampus store for more details and to check availability. 952-926-7871  or visit their website http://www.kiddywampus.com/read/105/rad-zoo-party


Party Add Ons!

Feed the Lizards Have you ever wanted to watch a lizard eat up close. For $19 the birthday child can feed crickets or worms to the lizards that come to your party.


We are available from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. year round.

Click here to download RAD Zoo invitations you can print at home to invite people to your party.

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