At The Zoo

Come visit The RAD Zoo in Owatonna, Minnesota!

The Danger Zone is now open!

Come see venomous snakes, crocodiles, caimans, pythons, and poison dart frogs.

Our zoo is home to a diverse collection of animals from all over the world exhibited in naturalistic recreations of their native environments. Amazing amphibians like red-eyed treefrogs and giant cane toads can be seen in their rain forest habitats.  Observe the fantastic diversity of the lizard world with our sticky-toed geckos, water-walking basilisks, googly-eyed chameleons, or a glass lizard having no legs at all. Mysterious serpents including giant pythons, an aquatic fish-eating file snake, a slender tree boa, and many more can be found as well. You might see our large alligator snapping turtle fishing for his lunch or a bizarre snake-necked turtle inhale a minnow with its vacuum strike. Other favorites include our chattering parrots and invertebrates like scorpions, and a tarantula.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

You can learn more about our native Minnesota reptiles and amphibians in our “Know Your Neighbors?” section featuring a viewing deck overlooking a large MN turtle pool,  and fifteen other exhibits containing snakes, lizards, and amphibians. You can use this opportunity to get a closer look at some otherwise elusive animals, to possibly figure out what kind of animal it was that you had encounterd in the past. If you bring in a photo we’ll be happy to assist you.

Weekend Feedings

A guest favorite is our Saturday and Sunday animal feedings. Between 3:00 and 4:00pm on Saturdays and 2:00 and 3:00pm on Sundays we will be feeding several of our animals. Salads will be given to some of our lizards and tortoises.  Crickets will be fed to many of the amphibians and lizards as well. You might get to watch a chameleon fire its tongue out at an unsuspecting cricket. You might even be lucky enough to gaze upon “Big Al” our monster nearly 12 foot-long alligator as he swallows a large rat or watch in amazement as one of our pythons slowly engulfs a rat or chicken of their own.  Big Al eats around 3:30pm on Saturdays and 2:30pm on Sundays.  The crocodiles and caiman in the “Danger Zone” get fed on Saturdays.

Justin Beiber’s Former Snake

One of the kid’s favorites is “Johnson” the albino Boa Constrictor, the former pet of pop star Justin Beiber. Johnson is currently on exhibit with an Amazon Tree Boa and a Rainbow Boa.  You can find him in between the Reticulated Python and Green and Brown Basilisks.