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Educational School and Daycare Programs

Our presentations are highly informative, engaging, and interactive. We provide an enjoyable experience for our audience, while instilling a greater understanding of these unique animals and the incredible lives they live.

Our presentations are available for a variety of different venues including but not limited to: schools, after-school programs, libraries, daycare centers, and home school students.

Our programs are designed to be age/grade appropriate and are available from pre-K to the collegiate level. At the middle-school and high school level our programs can serve as an excellent supplement to life science or biology classes during the reptile and amphibian sections of the course, allowing students to observe first-hand the diversity of these animals.


  • A typical program will include between ten and twelve of our fascinating reptiles and amphibians, including frogs, a salamander, turtles, lizards, snakes, and a small crocodilian (We welcome your suggestions on which animals will be used in our presentation if you have a specific theme or topic you are working on).
  • At the conclusion of our presentation we provide an opportunity for the students to come up and take a closer look at our animals, including a chance to touch one or two of our animals in a controlled setting, after which we provide hand sanitizer to the students.
  • Our background: Jamie and Melissa Pastika have a combined experience of more than thirty years as professional animal keepers working at some of the finest zoological institutions in the country including the Jacksonville Zoo, Busch Gardens, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They both have Bachelor of Science degrees, Jamie in zoo-science and Melissa in biology. You can learn more about them under the “About Us” tab.
  • We prefer to offer our programs to smaller groups of students (one or two classes at a time) to offer a more personalized experience, but are able to do larger groups at your request. Our programs are priced as modestly as possible to allow for multiple presentations. This allows for better age grouping and a more rewarding experience for each student.

Rates for our programs are as follows:Elementary School Presentation

  • A one hour presentation is $220.00 for audiences of up to 60 people.  The price is reduced to $75 per half hour after the first hour.
  • Presentations to audiences with 60 – 200 people are $260.00 for a one hour and fifteen minute presentation (fifteen minutes of additional time for touching is necessary with groups of this size). Groups of over 200 people are $350.
  • We also have a $685.00 full day rate (4 to 6 hours). We can do  4 or 5 presentations within the 6 hour block or we can set up a casual table if you are doing a carnival type of event. For full day bookings we require a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold the date.
  • There will be an extra $5 charge if paying by credit card to help cover our card processing fees.
  • Discounts are given with two or more hours of presentations.
  • There is an additional charge of 50 cents per mile over 100 miles round trip from Owatonna, MN.  For full day bookings the free mileage is extended to 200 miles round trip.
  • We want all students to be able to enjoy and learn from our programs, so we are willing to provide discounts for those schools facing financial constraints.

Don’t live in Minnesota? We offers Skype sessions
We offer a 30 minute Skype session for $60. Call us to get more details.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We have confidence that you will find our programs to be a good educational experience for your students, based on the extremely positive responses that we continually receive. If you do not find this to be the case, the cost of your program will be reduced to the minimal amount of our cost of transportation to your program. Notice must be given to the presenter following the 1st hour.

Cancelation Policy: If you need to cancel or reschedule a program please let us know as soon as possible.  If you cancel/reschedule at least one week out from your program date there is no cancelation fee.  If it is within the week leading up to the program there is a $50 fee unless the program is rescheduled for a future date. No cancelation notice will result in a full charge.

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