Traveling Birthday Parties

Since we can now have gatherings up to 25 people, we are offering our traveling parties.

Standard Package for 45 minutes for $165

Includes turtles, lizards and snakes. Get a group photo with the boa.

Up to 16 people (kids and adults)

Deluxe Package for 1 hour for $205

Includes turtles, lizards, snakes and a small alligator. Birthday child can hold the small alligator and you can take pictures.

Up to 25 people (kids and adults)

Premium Package for 1 hour for $245

Includes the same animals as the Deluxe Package but anyone can hold the little alligator at the end of the program and you can take pictures

Up to 25 people (kids and adults)

Some mileage charge may apply depending on where you live. Call to set up a birthday with the reptiles at 507-455-1465.

We require adults that will be within 10 feet of the presenter to wear a mask.